Roaster & Chief

Originally from Santa Cruz, CA.

Grant moved from California to Piteå in 2014.

The surf was inconsistent so he decided to start roasting coffee and pouring cappuccinos instead.

He got a job at This Is How Brewery shortly after buying a coffee roaster. With the help of friends and family, Stoked Coffee Roasters was born.

Bottling beer and moving pallets on weekdays, Grant started to teach himself to roast coffee on the weekends.

Eventually with the mentorship and help of the founder of the brewery, Gustaf, he started working full time with Stoked in 2020.

Since then, with the continued support of many close friends, family, and loyal customers, we continue to develop and grow the roastery; including catering, custom blends, coffee education, events, and even artist collaborations.


OG Giesen W1A

Dubbed 'Granny Giesen' by the founders of Giesen when they saw a picture of her.

Capable of about 1kg per batch and is one of the original models produced 15 years ago.

This roaster has been serving us well since 2019 when we bought her from a small roastery south of Stockholm.


1989 LT31

Sanded, welded, painted, and renovated to maximise the vibes.

Equipped with gas, electricity and even her own kitchen; she is now prepped at a moment's notice to roll up with espresso dialed in and ready at your doorstep!